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Application Notes

TitleData TypeDownload FileSizeLast Updated
TitleTransient NOx measurements from motorcycle real world drivingData TypeApplication noteDownload Filecld10v02-motorcycle-rde-transient-nox-emissions.pdfSize1.63 MBLast Updated
TitleCombustion instability detection during catalyst heating phase of GDI cold startData TypeApplication noteDownload Filehfr09v01-gdi-cold-start-catalyst-heating-strategy-combustion-instability.pdfSize556.60 KBLast Updated
TitleMobile CO&CO2 measurement on-board a gasoline vehicleData TypeApplication noteDownload Filendir10v01-mobile-co-co2-gasoline.pdfSize282.60 KBLast Updated
TitleFTP cycle 100-205s - catalyst light off and HC fluctuation smoothingData TypeSample dataDownload Fileftp-100-205-secs-fid.pdfSize155.98 KBLast Updated
TitleMeasurement of DPF/CRT performance with DMS500Data TypeApplication noteDownload Filedms05v02-dpf-measurement.pdfSize2.36 MBLast Updated
TitleUse of the HFR500 fast FID for cold start gasoline calibrationData TypeApplication noteDownload Fileapplication-of-hfr500-to-cold-start-gasoline-calibration.pdfSize4.72 MBLast Updated
TitleTailpipe CO and CO2 at 2000rpmData TypeSample dataDownload Filecat.tifSize220.36 KBLast Updated
TitleFTP cycle start-105s - catalyst NO lightoffData TypeSample dataDownload Fileftp-0-105s-cld.pdfSize131.71 KBLast Updated
TitleFTP cycle 200-305s - effect of lambda fluctuations on NOData TypeSample dataDownload File200-305-cld.pdfSize108.22 KBLast Updated
TitleFTP cycle 100-205s - catalyst NO conversion efficiencyData TypeSample dataDownload File100-205-cld.pdfSize68.95 KBLast Updated