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TitleInstitutionAuthor(s)SourceReferencePublication DateOpen Access?
Impact of Mid-to-Low-Ash, Low-Viscosity Lubricants on Aftertreatment Systems after 210,000-Kilometer Real-World Road Endurance Trials Open AccessSourceLubricants
Novel method for the continuous mass concentration measurement of ultrafine particles (PM0.1) with a water-based condensation particle counter (CPC) SourceAerosol Science and Technology
Characterizing and Predicting nvPM Size Distributions for Aviation Emission Inventories and Environmental Impact Open AccessSourceEnvironmental Science and Technology
Real-Time Identification of Aerosol-Phase Carboxylic Acid Production Using Extractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Open AccessSourceEnvironmental Science and Technology
Secondary Organic Aerosol Generated from Biomass Burning Emitted Phenolic Compounds: Oxidative Potential, Reactive Oxygen Species, and Cytotoxicity Open AccessSourceEnvironmental Science and Technology
Study on the Effect of Two-Stage Injection Strategy for Coal-to-Liquid/Gasoline Reactivity-Controlled Compression Ignition Combustion Mode Open AccessSourceACS Omega
Rapid assessment of jet engine-like soot from combustion of conventional and sustainable aviation fuels using flame spray pyrolysis SourceJournal of Aerosol Science
Critical Size of Silver Iodide Containing Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding Particles Open AccessSourceGeophysical Research Letters
Influence of Lowering Soot-Water Contact Angle on Ice Nucleation of Ozone-Aged Soot Open AccessSourceGeophysical Research Letters
Evaluation of methods for characterizing the fine particulate matter emissions from aircraft and other diffusion flame combustion aerosol sources Open AccessSourceJournal of Aerosol Science
Jet aircraft lubrication oil droplets as contrail ice-forming particles Open AccessSourceAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Insights into secondary organic aerosol formation from the day- and nighttime oxidation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and furans in an oxidation flow reactor SourceAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Size-resolved effective density of ambient aerosols measured by an AAC–SMPS tandem system in Beijing SourceAtmospheric Environment
Emissions of ultrafine particles from civil aircraft: dependence upon aircraft type and passenger load Open AccessSourcenpj Climate and Atmospheric Science
A comparison of carbon monoxide yields and particle formation at various global equivalence ratios in vitiated and under-ventilated conditions Open AccessSourceFire Safety Journal
Overview of methods to characterize the mass, size, and morphology of soot Open AccessSourceJournal of Aerosol Science
Tandem aerodynamic aerosol classifier – differential mobility analyzer as a single charged aerosol source for diameters up to one micrometer SourceAerosol Science and Technology
Size and light absorption of miniature-inverted-soot-generator particles during operation with various fuel mixtures SourceJournal of Aerosol Science
Insights into Filtration Performance of ISO 16890 and ISO 29463 Air Filter Media Using DEHS Particles Classified by Aerodynamic Diameter Open AccessSourceFILTECH 2023, Cologne
Dynamic individual-cylinder analysis of a Gasoline Direct Injection engine emissions for cold crank-start at elevated cranking speed conditions of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle SourceControl Engineering Practice
A novel inactivated virus system (InViS) for a fast and inexpensive assessment of viral disintegration Open AccessSourceScientific Reports
Size, Shape, and Phase of Nanoscale Uric Acid Particles Open AccessSourceACS Omega
Aircraft-engine particulate matter emissions from conventional and sustainable aviation fuel combustion: comparison of measurement techniques for mass, number, and size Open AccessSourceAtmospheric Measurement Techniques
Characterization of tandem aerosol classifiers for selecting particles: implication for eliminating the multiple charging effect SourceAtmospheric Measurement Techniques
Evaluation of Various Face Covering Filter Materials Using Particles Classified by Aerodynamic Diameter up to 5 Micrometres Open AccessSourceFILTECH 2022, Cologne
Bimodal distribution of size-resolved particle effective density: results from a short campaign in a rural environment over the North China Plain Open AccessSourceAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
A comparative study on effective density, shape factor, and volatile mixing of non-spherical particles using tandem aerodynamic diameter, mobility diameter, and mass measurements SourceJournal of Aerosol Science
Assessment of real-time bioaerosol particle counters using reference chamber experiments Open AccessSourceAtmospheric Measurement Techniques
Transient and continuous effects of indoor human movement on nanoparticle concentrations in a sitting person's breathing zone SourceScience of The Total Environment
Filtration of viral aerosols via a hybrid carbon nanotube active filter SourceCarbon
Crumpled few-layer graphene: Connection between morphology and optical properties SourceCarbon
Measurement of chemically resolved volume equivalent diameter and effective density of particles by AAC-SPAMS Open AccessSourceAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Effects of biomass burning and photochemical oxidation on the black carbon mixing state and light absorption in summer season Open AccessSourceAtmospheric Environment
Size-resolved mixing state and optical properties of black carbon at an urban site in Beijing SourceScience of The Total Environment
Closure between particulate matter concentrations measured ex situ by thermal–optical analysis and in situ by the CPMA–electrometer reference mass system Open AccessSourceAerosol Science and Technology
Identification and characterization of design fires and particle emissions to be used in performance-based fire design of nuclear facilities Open AccessSourceFire and Materials
Determining the cutoff diameter and counting efficiency of optical particle counters with an aerodynamic aerosol classifier and an inkjet aerosol generator Open AccessSourceAerosol Science and Technology
Mixing characteristics of refractory black carbon aerosols at an urban site in Beijing Open AccessSourceAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Aerodynamic size separation of glass fiber aerosols SourceJournal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Characteristics of Transient NOx Emissions of HEV under Real Road Driving SourceWCX Sae World Congress
Calibration of optical particle counters with an aerodynamic aerosol classifier Open AccessSourceJournal of Aerosol Science
Insight into the Role of Water-Soluble Organic Solvents for the Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activation of Cholesterol SourceACS Earth and Space Chemistry
Facility for calibration of optical and condensation particle counters based on a turbulent aerosol mixing tube and a reference optical particle counter Open AccessSourceReview of Scientific Instruments
Repeatability and intermediate precision of a mass concentration calibration system Open AccessSourceAerosol Science and Technology
Evaluation of nanosilica emission in polydimethylsiloxane composite during incineration SourceJournal of Hazardous Materials
Cycle-to-Cycle NO and NOx Emissions from a HSDI Diesel Engine SourceASME 2018 IC Engine Division Fall Conference
Evacuation characteristics of released airborne TiO2 nanomaterial particles under different ventilation rates in a confined environment SourceJournal of Environmental Management
Light Absorption Enhancement of Black Carbon Aerosol Constrained by Particle Morphology SourceEnvironmental Science & Technology
A New Methodology for Measuring Filtration Efficiency as a Function of Particle Aerodynamic Diameter Using a Monodisperse Aerosol Source Open AccessSourceFILTECH 2018, Cologne
A novel inversion method to determine the mass distribution of non-refractory coatings on refractory black carbon using a centrifugal particle mass analyzer and single particle soot photometer Open AccessSourceAerosol Science and Technology
Aerosol Characterization and Particle Scrubbing Efficiency of Underwater Operations during Laser Cutting of Steel Components for Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities Open AccessSourceAerosol and Air Quality Research
Study of implementation of hybrid EGR during transient operations on diesel engine to reduce NOx emissions with fast emission measurement system Open AccessSourceEuropean Automotive Engineering Conference 2017
Understanding Hydrocarbon Emissions in Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Combining Experimental and Computational Methods SourceSAE International Journal of Engines
TWC-SCR Aftertreatment System Evaluation for a Lean Burn Gasoline Engine Operating in HCCI, SACI, and SI Combustion Modes SourceASME 2016 IC Engine Division Fall Conference
Experimental Investigation of Cyclic Variability on Combustion and Emissions of a High-Speed SI Engine SourceSAE WCX 2015
Cycle-by-Cycle Air-to-Fuel Ratio Calculation During Transient Engine Operation Using Fast Response CO and CO2 Sensors SourceASME IC Engine Division Fall Conference
The CPMA-Electrometer System—A Suspended Particle Mass Concentration Standard Open AccessSourceAerosol Science and Technology
Investigation on Transient Emissions of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine Fuelled by HVO Blends SourceSAE Journal of Engines
Study on first-cycle combustion and emissions during cold start in a TSDI gasoline engine Open AccessSourceFuel Volume 103
Hydraulic Hybrid Powertrain-In-the-Loop Integration for Analyzing Real-World Fuel Economy and Emissions Improvements SourceSAE International
Backpressure Characteristics of a DPF loaded with a Soot Generator and a Diesel Engine under Different Operating Cycles SourceETH Nanoparticles Conference
A New Instrument for Diesel Particulate Filter Functional Tests in Development and Quality Control Applications Open AccessSource
Cycle-by-Cycle Gasoline Engine Cold Start Measurement of Residual Gas and AFR Using a Fast Response CO&CO 2 Analyzer SourceSAE International Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants
Real Time NO Emissions Measurement during Cold Start in LPG SI Engine Open AccessSourceEnergy Conversion and Management 2007
Mass Integration of Fast-Response NO Measurements from a Two-Stroke Large-Bore Natural Gas Engine SourceInternational Journal of Engine Research