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Engineer working in vehicle engine bay with dynamometer cabling in the foreground

Powertrain Engineering Services

Powertrain Development and Test

Cambustion's Engineering Services team provides powertrain development and testing services to a range of global clients from our Cambridge, UK base. With over three decades of experience, we use our extensive test facilities to deliver innovative solutions for our customers.

Our sister brand CamMotive offers provides E-powertrain development and testing services.

Test Capabilities

Cambustion has a chassis dynamometer and nine transient dynamometer cells to support customer projects. The transient dynamometers all have vehicle simulation capability – so that a range of drive-cycles can be run with high levels of repeatability. The chassis rolls is equipped with a robot driver, again for repeatability, to enable experiments to be conducted with high confidence levels. The existing powertrain testing facilities are equipped with battery emulators for electrified powertrain testing.

New test facilities are currently under construction, including a 4WD chassis dynamometer and a 4WD hub dynamometer system. The new facilities are specifically designed for testing future powertrains.

Extensive in-house development of test system hardware and software means that we are able to offer an innovative, flexible approach to testing – we are able to modify existing test facilities or design and build bespoke test rigs to meet customer requirements.

Skills and Experience

We have a wide range of experience over 3 decades of contract powertrain development. Our expertise in emissions control is particularly valued – both engine-out emissions and aftertreatment optimisation - and the facilities are equipped with a wide range of emissions equipment, both from our own Products group and from a range of other suppliers.

Cambustion has a long history in powertrain calibration with traditional gasoline and Diesel engines and, more recently, including electrified powertrains.

We regularly conduct powertrain benchmarking activities for customers, involving testing a production vehicle under a range of conditions with comprehensive instrumentation, analysing the data and reporting the results.

Cambustion has a range of exhaust aftertreatment services that it offers to its customers. This includes catalyst and filter canning and instrumentation as well as oven-ageing and filter testing using Cambustion DPGs.

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