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CLD50 for ambient or engine NO/NO2 measurement

CLD50 | NO and NO2 Analyzer

New in 2021 is the CLD50 “entry level” fast CLD designed for both engine and non-engine single channel applications where a 15ms T10-90 response time is sufficient. The CLD50 is capable of both [NO] and [NO₂] measurement directly (NO₂ via LIF) with only oxygen and power needed for basic operation (zero and span gases required for complete calibration). The use of these detection methods ensures minimal cross sensitivities and allows retention of millisecond response times.

In addition to a heated line engine version, Cambustion have developed a super-sensitive yet ultra-fast version for air quality work in response to many researchers requesting faster real time data with a strong emphasis on identifying “gross emitters” entering urban environments and clean air zones. In ambient mode the CLD50 has a lower detection limit of 5 parts per billion while retaining a response time of 100ms, allowing an in-depth look into the real human exposure from passing traffic and other polluters. The equipment is available for on-board mobile applications including “chase studies” with heated/unheated sample line options of various lengths.

Other typical applications include pre- or post-catalyst engine exhaust [NO] measurement, road infrastructure and clean air zone evaluation, aftertreatment retrofit investigations and many more.

For more information on air quality applications, please visit our air quality page.

CLD50 for ambient or engine NO/NO2 measurement
CLD50 for ambient roadside NO/NO2 monitoring

Differences from other Cambustion CLD Analyzers

The design differs from the other Cambustion fast gas analyzers in two significant ways:

  1. It is a single channel analyzer.

  2. Its detector is housed within a small control box with a heated or unheated sample line delivering the gas from the sample point.

Typically, the sample line length is 3 metres and with the option of sample filtration where contaminated sample may deposit within the control box.

Like our other fast CLDs, the detection method is still using the trusted CLD principle.

Direct NO2 measurement is achieved using laser induced fluorescence (LIF) detection method meaning there are no discernible cross-sensitivies. Response times for both gases are 15 milliseconds.

Example Data

  • Measured concentrations of NO at a roundabout from passing vehicles

    CLD50 Roadside

    Measured concentrations of NO at a roundabout from passing vehicles

  • Realtime roadside NO plume from a passing diesel vehicle

    CLD50 Roadside

    Realtime roadside NO plume from a passing diesel vehicle

CLD50 for ambient roadside NO/NO2 monitoring

Key Application Notes

TitleData TypeDownload FileSizeLast Updated
TitleTransient NOx measurements from motorcycle real world drivingData TypeApplication noteDownload Filecld10v02-motorcycle-rde-transient-nox-emissions.pdfSize1.63 MBLast Updated
TitleTransient NOx from in-service busesData TypeApplication noteDownload Filecld09v01-transient-nox-from-in-service-buses.pdfSize2.02 MBLast Updated
TitleGDI vehicle NOx breakthrough due to scavenging (blow-through)Data TypeApplication noteDownload Filecld08v01-scavenging-nox-breakthrough.pdfSize1.62 MBLast Updated
Cambustion engineer soldering

CLD50 Brochure

For more information download a brochure. Please contact Cambustion for more information and prices.

CLD50 brochureChemiluminescence Detector with LIFCLD50Chemiluminescence Detector with LIFView more at

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Support & downloads

  • knowledgebase

    CLD Principle

    A chemi-luminescence detector (CLD) is the industry standard method of measuring nitric oxide (NO) concentration.

    Cambustion CLD sample head on tripod
  • Video

    FID50 Introduction

    A lower cost and simplified version of Cambustion's long-established fast FID. Jamie Parnell takes you through the latest offering from Cambustion.

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