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Application Notes

TitleData TypeDownload FileSizeLast Updated
TitleMeasurement of EGR delay and its effects on NOx emissions using the NDIR500 and CLD500Data TypeApplication noteDownload Filendir05v02-egr-delay.pdfSize120.26 KBLast Updated
TitleObserving EGR valve leakage using the NDIR500Data TypeApplication noteDownload Filendir06v02-egr-valve-leakage.pdfSize193.45 KBLast Updated
TitleMeasurement of burned gas back-flow in the intake portData TypeApplication noteDownload Filendir01v02-spit-back.pdfSize379.73 KBLast Updated
TitleRealtime Measurement of gasoline EGR on a millisecond timescaleData TypeSample dataDownload Filereal-timeegr.pdfSize1.17 MBLast Updated