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Cambustion engineer replacing DPF in DPG

DPF Testing

In addition to our engine and vehicle dynamometer facilities, Cambustion offer a unique non-engine DPF testing and characterisation service, using the DPF Testing System.

The automated system is capable of performing a range of tests.

DPF Testing

  • DPF soot loading at 2, 10 or 20g/hr
  • Realtime DPF efficiency measurements
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Maximum soot load / cut to idle

The DPG includes realtime recording of flows, pressure drop and user thermocouples for filter performance monitoring. Computer control through a predefined test schedule allows unattended operation, making the system ideal for quality control applications, as well as more sophisticated research.

For more information on the system capabilities please look at the product page.

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