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Cambustion aerosol diffusion dryer

Aerosol Diffusion Dryer

Diffusion Dryer for aerosols

The Cambustion Aerosol Diffusion Dryer offers the user the opportunity to remove liquids from an aerosol, using silica gel or activated carbon as an adsorbing agent.

Careful design offers effective removal of water from the aerosol, with low particle losses.

Performance of aerosol diffusion driers depends on not simply the inlet gas humidity, temperature and pressure, but also on the liquid water present in aerosol form. This liquid water must be evaporated and absorbed to shrink liquid aerosol droplets, and the mass of material depends on the aerosol concentration and droplet size.

Cambustion have software models which calculate drier performance - contact us today for help to understand your application.

Cambustion aerosol diffusion dryer
Cambustion aerosol diffusion dryer

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