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DMS500 used in Nature Scientific Reports paper on viral disintegration

The Cambustion DMS500 fast particle sizer has been used in a Nature Scientific Reports paper entitled A novel inactivated virus system (InViS) for a fast and inexpensive assessment of viral disintegration by researchers from EMPA (the Swiss Metrology Institute) amongst others. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased interest in antiviral surfaces. The paper develops a method based on an Inactivated Virus System (InViS) to facilitate the early-stage development of antiviral technologies and quality surveillance of the production of antiviral materials safely and efficiently. The DMS500 was used to study the filtration efficiency of facemask materials when exposed to the InVis aerosol or sodium chloride. The DMS500 allows such measurements to be made efficiently in real time, with no need to wait for a scan as with an SMPS. The paper is open access.