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Cambustion CPMA 3/4 view showing touchscreen and operation buttons, transparent top showing centrifuge

CPMA Mk2 now classifies larger particles

We're pleased to announce that the CPMA Mk2 can now classify singly charged particles up to ~6 times more massive (up to 6.6 picograms, c.f. 1 pg) and almost twice the diameter (2.3 μm, c.f. 1.3 μm, at unit density) than the original CPMA. This has been achieved by allowing slower rotation down to 20 rad/s (compared with 50 rad/s).

CPMA Mk1 and Mk2 Operation Maps

Comparing CPMA Mk1, and CPMA Mk2 with the new software upgrade

Existing CPMA Mk2 units can be customer upgraded with a simple free software update (v2.15) — contact us for the upgrade file.

Unfortunately the original CPMA cannot be upgraded as its hardware is not able to accurately measure such low speeds (it is actually harder to accurately control very low speeds than very high speeds as the benefit of inertia is lost). We would however encourage original CPMA users to enquire about a free software upgrade to the latest supported version as there will likely be many other improvements and fixes available to them.

This change was originally developed for the M2AS where it will allow measurements up to 3 μm with multiple charging, but will also allow CPMA Mk2s used in more general applications to benefit.