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Cambustion Mobility Separator closeup

Cambustion exhibiting and presenting @ 11th International Aerosol Conference 2022

Cambustion are excited to return to the International Aerosol Conference, in Athens, Greece for 2022, and are proud to be a silver sponsor of the event.

Visit our exhibition stand (# 15) to learn about our new instruments: the Mass & Mobility Aerosol Spectrometer (which is especially useful for characterising non-spherical powders, carbon agglomerates and engineered nanoparticles) and the AF10 – a general purpose laboratory aerosol flowmeter.

Discuss your research applications with our engineers and scientists and learn about novel applications of Cambustion instruments for filtration testing, indoor aerosol, biomass combustion and more...

Meet us at the poster sessions on Monday and Tuesday respectively to see how the AAC can be converted into a low-pass separator that only transmits particles smaller than a freely adjustable setpoint (session AMT-P2: Measurement techniques), and to hear about the tests which lead to the development of the AF10 (session AMT-P3: Novel and low cost instrumentation).

We also have a poster presentation co-authored by the University of Cambridge entitled "In-flight measurement of nanoparticle surface area and volume" (BAP-P3: Modelling of internal and external aerosol processes), and a poster presentation co-authored with CNRS, University of Manchester, Zhejiang University and the Beijing Weather Modification Office entitled "Aerodynamic size-resolved composition and cloud condensation nuclei properties of aerosols in Beijing suburban region" (ATAS-P5: Atmospheric aerosol properties and characterisation).