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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2022

Cambustion at Automotive Testing Expo Europe with the new NDIR50

We're joining our partners in Germany MS4-Analysentechnik this week in Stuttgart at Automotive Testing Expo Europe. Discover how our fast response gas and particulate analysers can help you pinpoint and solve your Euro 7 problems. Come and see the fast response FID50 for hydrocarbons and CLIF50 for NO and NO₂, and meet the new NDIR50 non-dispersive infrared analyser for CO and CO₂ at its debut, as well as finding out more about our DMS500 with Catalytic Stripper Accessory (CSA) fast particle analyser for size, number (down to 10 nm or 23 nm) and mass.

We'll be on booth 1408 in hall 10:

Testing Expo Floor Plan to find Cambustion on booth 1408