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Cambustion NDIR50 Fast CO & CO2

NDIR50 | CO & CO2 Analyser

New in 2022 is the NDIR50 compact NDIR designed for both engine, medical and air-quality single channel applications where a 15 ms T10-90 response time is sufficient. The NDIR50 is capable of both [CO] and [CO₂] measurement directly with only a power supply required (zero and span gases required for complete calibration).

Engine measurements

The NDIR50 simultaneously measures both CO and CO₂ via the industry standard detection method of Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR). The heated sampling system allows for raw (wet) exhaust gas to be analysed and fast lambda to be derived from the results. Transient EGR can also be measured in the intake system and pre- and postcatalyst or cold start optimisation can be undertaken with insight into this highly transient condition.

Inhalation / exhalation measurements

The fast response and good sensitivity can be used to compare inhaled vs. exhaled concentrations of CO₂ within single breaths.

Air quality / ambient mode

A super-sensitive version has been developed to detect the dilution rates from passing or pursued vehicles and thereby calculate the raw emissions (detected using other fast response analysers).

The transient measurements of CO & CO₂ have also been used for model validation of the onset of battery fires (asthe carbon begins to combust).

For more information on air quality applications, please visit our air quality page.

A new digital data platform

The NDIR50 maintains the NDIR500’s analogue output option, but now includes 10 Hz digital data output.


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