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Cambustion CSA connected to DMS, sampling from vehicle engine bay

CSA | Catalytic Stripper

Catalytic Stripper Accessory for DMS500

The Catalytic Stripper Accessory (CSA) has been developed specifically for the DMS500 to allow the removal of small volatile particles and support the measurement of small solid particles.

The CSA is employed as a Volatile Particle Remover (VPR), using catalytic removal rather than thermodilution as used in PMP Particle Number (PN) homologation measurements.

The CSA is carefully matched to the DMS500's operating conditions to ensure compliance with validation protocols (e.g. tetracontane removal) while active control of both catalyst and outlet cooler temperatures ensures repeatable performance and stable particle losses.

Front view of the Cambustion Catalytic Stripper Accessory (CSA)
¾ view of the Cambustion Catalytic Stripper Accessory (CSA)

Proven Technology with Known Losses

The CSA is built around a catalyst from an established supplier in the field, with a proven history of applying catalysts within the field of particle measurements.

With stable operating conditions through consistent control, both the CSA and DMS500 sampling lines are fully characterised for particle losses, and the DMS500 software can automatically apply this loss correction, affording users complete confidence that measured data corresponds to the concentration at the sampling point.

Uncompromised Time Response & Sensitivity

Validation confirms that the CSA's diligent design ensures that the time response of the DMS500 (300ms T10-90% with a 7 metre heated sample line) remains uncompromised, allowing it to remain the particle sizer of choice for transient engine exhaust measurements.

The CSA requires no further dilution (the DMS500 already having a built in two stage dilution system), thus avoiding sensitivity impairment.

CSA size dependent penetration

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