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Wind tunnel & gas dispersion

Cambustion gas and particle analyzers are used for both wind tunnel tracing (hydrocarbon tracer) and atmospheric gas dispersion studies (hydrocarbon tracer and particle size distribution measurements).

An intermittent or continuous point source release of concentrated aerosol or gas tracer disperses under the influence of airflow, thermal gradients and surrounding obstacles. Meausurements with high frequency instruments allow resolution of variable mixing and dispersion, supporting u

nderstanding of aerodynamic behaviours in wind tunnels and more complex interations in the ambient environment, with consequent human exposure to pollutants.

The photograph above details a typical installation in a wind tunnel, with the FID50/HFR500 situated downstream of the measurement location. A small, unobtrusive two meter sample probe extends into the flow to the desired sample location. Such installations can yield the data in the video below.

Fast HC Concentrations from Typical Wind Tunnel Installation

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